About ToolCo

Our History

Toolco started in the mid-seventies as a small home garage machine shop with only 2 machines. The majority of the work focused on precision custom tool and die work for the electronics lead frame stamping industries.

In 1980, the garage became too small and the first building was purchased in western Pennsylvania. Although in a new building and expanding, the majority of the work was still focused in the precision tool and die sector of manufacturing (but custom and specialty machining soon began ).

As time progressed, five additions to that original building have occurred and our equipment and capabilities became increasing more hi-tech, The work began to take a natural shift to multifaceted precision production, custom and prototype machining for many industries.


Today, Toolco serves many industries such as medical, robotic, instrumentation, petroleum, entrepreneur and prototyping, steel industries, mining, power generation, optical and night vision and more. Our customers are currently located in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Mexico, Florida and Michigan.

We continue to invest in expansions, capability and equipment to meet whatever request our customers may have- now or in the future. As a family owned business, we look for new opportunities to satisfy our customers, build new relations, and in turn, continue to grow our business at a steady and controlled rate.

Our dedication to high quality, attention to detail and the highest degree of craftsmanship that was absolutely necessary in the precision tool and die industry is still with us today as we strive to meet and exceed our many clients’ expectations through open and honest communication and collaboration.